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Rental Conditions

The rented vehicle is used only by the persons specified in the rental agreement and delivery form. In the use of the vehicle, no warranty will cover the damages that may arise from the use of the vehicle by any third party not specified in the contract. If you want to add an extra driver, you can contact our office.

In order to rent a car from our company, it is necessary to have a driving license of at least 21 years and 3 years.

The minimum car rental period is 24 hours. For Turkish customers, SGK and fee cellar are required.

*The vehicle is returned with the amount of fuel you received.

An additional fee of 10% of the daily rental price is charged for each hour of delay.

The maximum daily km is 200 km. It will be charged as 2 TL per additional km.

If the vehicle whose rental period has expired is not delivered, it is considered stolen or usurped.

It is forbidden to carry any illegal goods or substances in the vehicle rented from our company. If it is found or moved, the lessor is responsible for the vehicle. Our company certainly does not accept any liability.

Traffic Fines

The payment of traffic fines due to non-compliance with traffic rules, compliance with speed limits (including entering the wrong lane on bridges and highways) are collected by the person renting the vehicle specified in the contract.

Traffic accident

In case of an accident, apply to the nearest police station and get an accident and alcohol report. If not, all costs are borne by the customer.

Tire splits, broken glass and headlights are not covered by insurance.

In case the vehicle is damaged, the period of stay in the service is added to the rental period.

HGS and highway fees belong to the tenant.

The amount up to 6% of the motor insurance value in the event of an accident or similar incidents that may occur in the vehicle belongs to the lessee.

User-induced malfunction, repair, etc. that may occur in the vehicle. In the event, the amount belongs to the tenant.

In the event that the vehicle's discretionary liability figures are exceeded or actions that will cause the IMM to be disabled, the exceeded amount belongs to the lessee.

The accident period is deducted from the rental period and an additional payment is taken in case the rental period expires.

If the lessor wishes, he has the right to terminate and terminate the rental agreement and to request or receive the delivery of the car, regardless of the terms and conditions.